Surrender Meditation

The Gift of Letting Go–Surrender Healing Guided Meditation

Imagine if you could easily go with the flow when plans suddenly change…and you could stay more fully connected and in-tune with God’s will for your life on a daily basis. This guided meditation has been writing by licensed clinical therapist Linda Rasmussen to assist you to:woman-918819_1920

  • Lower your anxiety and stress levels
  • Release the need to control
  • Let go of perfectionism and find empathy, compassion, and contentment with your life
  • Heal the imbalanced need to please or perform for others in order to be loved
  • Live fully in the present moment
  • Forgive and let go of the past
  • And more…

Surrender means giving up the burden of trying to be all-knowing and trying to force our will on everyone else.  The need to control destroys individuals, marriages, families, relationships, businesses, communities, and even whole nations and is typically caused by fear and anxiety.  At the core of this anxiety and fear is the fear of not having our needs met.

man-515518_1920Control is an illusion.  Sometimes we may think control guarantees us the life we want. We often try try to control because we’re trying to guarantee the outcomes we think we need. Obviously, the benefits to having control are very attractive. We think if we can achieve the outcome we think is best, we would be perfectly happy.

Unfortunately, trying to control everything often creates the opposite of what we were trying to create–painful relationships and experiences for everyone involved, including ourselves.  Moreover, our efforts to try to control things outside of ourselves can often cause us to be more out of control. The typical thought by someone trying to control is, “If I’m not in control, then someone else is, and that is too scary.”

woman-1006100_1920Missing from the controller’s belief system is positive paradigm that God will give him or her the grace to deal with the pain of living in a temporal world. We were never meant to control anything but our own attitudes, perceptions, and the way we respond to people and situations in our lives.

The healing music has been tuned to the 432hz healing frequencies, and this track is specifically created for prime healing support of the energy of surrender.

We begin by bringing to the conscious mind the negative statements that we are going to clear. Farther into the guided meditation, we clear each statement with the positive affirmation to counter it, done in a state of deep relaxation, where the conscious mind can release its inhibitions and more easily accept healing. handsome-474122_1920

Each time you use this guided meditation, especially when done with intention, you’ll clear out another layer.  May God continually bless in you in your efforts to grow and become your most whole and healed self possible.

The sooner we heal our hearts and embrace that we truly only have control over ourselves, and this is just as it should be, the happier we will be.

Are you ready to surrender?


~~Listen to a Sample Here~~