Muscle Testing 101

Muscle Testing 101 Course cover

We are so excited to share this program with you. Hundreds of hours have gone into its production. This is a 4 week interactive e-course teaching several in-depth forms of muscle testing. This e-course is the most comprehensive muscle testing course you’ll find for beginners, and even intermediate muscle testers, covering over 6 methods (and their variations), guided meditations and exercises for the mind and body–to to remove blocks to your testing, and the history and science behind muscle testing.

This course also comes with UNLIMITED online support through a private Facebook group, which is invaluable when it comes to learning muscle testing. Read on to see the breakdown of each module in the course.

(Note: if you had purchased this course previously, the course has move to an e-course. Please check the Facebook Group for instructions on how to download the new course, or feel free to email me as well at Thanks!)


Now, to the program!

In it, you will learn:

1) The history of how muscle testing came to be and how it has evolved over time.

2) The science behind how muscle testing works in the body. And that’s just the intro!

3) We’ll dive in with videos showing step-by-step instructions on how to master many forms of muscle testing.

4) If you run into trouble along the way, there are numerous exercises built in to the program that demonstrate how to correct imbalances in the physical and emotional bodies that can affect the accuracy of your testing.

5) Also included are lessons on how to ask the most effective questions and the do’s and don’ts of muscle testing, as well as extra tips and warnings for muscle testing.

6) You will have unlimited access to an exclusive Facebook group (available for both digital and physical copies of the program) where you can ask all your burning questions, share your successes, your failures, and connect with others studying this course to find practice partners as well.

This course is broken into four modules:

Module 1 covers a summary of the course, the history and science of muscle testing, how to calibrate for accurate muscle testing as well as exercises to correct any imbalances that may keep you from testing correctly–including EFT tapping techniques and cross-meridian exercises. 

Module 2 covers video tutorials for arm testing with a partner and lean testing with detailed workbook exercises, a guided audio meditation to help ground you and bring your focus back to the present moment.

Module 3 covers more video tutorials for several forms of finger testing with in-depth workbook exercises, an audio lesson on the ethics of muscle testing, and a workbook lesson on how to ask the best questions relating to food, supplements, emotions, etc., as well as questions to avoid.

Module 4 covers a more unique–yet very accurate–form of muscle testing called pendulum testing using videos and workbook exercises. We will also cover some frequently asked questions about muscle testing. Finally, if you are one who has studied muscle testing, either in this course or in the past, and no matter what you’ve try you just can’t get it to work, we’ve got some fool-proof lessons designed just for you.

How much do you think this valuable course is worth?

If you were to take this muscle testing course in person, it would cost $300-$500 of dollars, and you would not have access to the video tutorials or audios from the course. Our course costs only a fraction of that and comes with so many extras. Why? Because we believe everyone should have access to this valuable tool. We are offering the program in a digital format (your login information will be emailed on September 5th to the PayPal email you provide).

You also have the option to purchase a gorgeous physical copy to keep for life. Professionally designed, this hard copy provides you with a DVD, CD, and beautifully bound workbook. As an added bonus, these prices include shipping within the continental US! (Note: physical copies are only available in the continental US at this time.  For those interested in an international order, please email for more info.) 

Everyone can learn to muscle test. It’s a physiological process as natural as any other. There is nothing mystical about it. It is a tool God built in to our bodies from birth. Come learn to unlock this valuable tool and change your life for the better today. What do you have to lose? Nothing but your old habits, negative emotions, and imbalances, and you have nothing but the best to gain.

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