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Directory of Christ-Centered Natural Health Practitioners

This is a directory of natural health practitioners whose aim is to help people all around the world to live a healthy, positive life. They range from health coaches to clinical counseling therapists to energy healers of many modalities, but they all have the gospel of Jesus Christ as the center of their lives. We hope you will find this list helpful. If you are a practitioner that would like to be added to this list, Please email us at with your short bio and a headshot.

Jessica DrolletteJessica Jackson Drollette
Jessica is the director of Develop Your Spiritual gifts website and podcast. Her training has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health, life, spiritual, and business coaching practices, and preventive health studies. As an energy healer, she has created her own Christ-centered energy healing modality which combines clinical
hypnotherapy/meditation, natural/herbal health techniques, energy frequencies, art/music therapy, divine blueprint and cord work, and emotional release techniques. She is an author, certified holistic health and life coach, a master in Usui and Tibetan Reiki, Spring Forest QiGong, NLP, muscle testing (applied
kinesiology), and EFT tapping. Drawing on these skills, she works with local clients and distance clients to create lasting changes that produce extensive results in body, mind, and spirit on their personal journey to wholeness. You can
contact her at
camille photoCamille Campbell
SLC, Utah
Camille is an intuitive integrative and certified mental health therapist. She is also a certified BodyTalk Practitioner. She uses a whole person, whole systems approach to healing. Camille works with individuals, families, groups, businesses, relationships, animals, plants and more to help bring balance and healing. She loves to learn
and has training in a variety of healing modalities such as BodyTalk, lightwave, aromatherapy, color
therapy, crystals, sand tray therapy, energy healing, EFT,EMDR, the Healing Code, NLP and has developed her own techniques as well. She can clear negative emotions and energies with precision by
uncovering the health story of each one of her clients, thus allowing their body to heal naturally on its
own timeline. Camille also creates custom Orgone energy healing pendants and devices. She infuses each of her pieces with 528 hz and Lightwave therapy. She enjoys making custom pieces for clients
based on their specific need or ailment. She also is known for infusing healing sessions into the pendants
and programming them for the highest good of each customer. Pick up one of her pieces and experience
the high healing vibrations. Find her on Facebook or at
Holly Buhler photoHolly Buhler
Holly is an intuitive and skilled Energy Worker, Massage Therapist, Esthetician, and Medical Massage Practitioner. She has most recently received trainings in energy modalities such as: The Emotion
Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed® Method, and The Energy Healers Mastery Course by Carol Tuttle. She is a Certified SimplyHealedTM Practitioner and Certified Emotion Code practitioner. She is committed to assisting individuals and families heal from false beliefs, blocks, patterns, and emotions that keep them from becoming their best self. She currently offers a variety of distance healing services. To learn more: visit | FB - Eutopia Wellness by Holly Buhler | Email: | Text: 480-298-7173
Martina Muir photoMartina Muir
Martina is a motivational speaker and energy healer--offering various healing tools, educational classes, live and online trainings, and her own healing modality that is a complementary tool to any other healing program. Stop by to contact her for distance work, if you'd like her to come speak at an event, or for locals in the Utah area.
Wendi-OnlyWendi Jensen
Wendi is the co-founder of AZ Whole-istic Living and is excited about her upcoming book “The Healing Questions”. Wendi has come to liberate captive minds and awaken souls to their full potential and purpose. Wendi does private coaching upon availability. You can learn more on her website or email her at
Lindsey HeadshotLindsey Ellers Lindon, UT
I'm a Reiki Master practitioner, but I integrate plenty of other modalities in there, including chakra clearing, inner child work, Emotion Code/Body Code, foot zoning, crystal therapy, essential oils, working with the veil when called upon. I can do distance or in-person work. I'm also an herbalist and do handmade herbal supplements. Come visit Phoenix Apothecaries. My favorite orders are custom orders so if you have something special in mind, I'd LOVE to make it for you. Email:
lacey smith photoLacey Smith
Lacey considers herself a budding wise woman, a truth and light seeker and a sacred healer. As the daughter of a local "witch doctor" (fondly nicknamed), Lacey grew up using many alternative healing modalities. She developed a deep appreciation for this kind of care and knew she would eventually start sharing her knowledge and talent for healing. Lacey works as a postpartum Mother Roaster (a specialized doula) and Sacred Medicine Woman. You can contact her at
Cassandra Greer PhotoCassandra Greer
Munich, Germany
Cassandra is the developer, trainer and Certified Soul Code Method Practitioner, Reiki master, 6 yrs EFT, 5 yrs Emotion Code + Body Code, adjuster of chakras, meridians and assemblage points, etc., light-based shielding, grounding and defense, healing and developing of core paradigms/belief systems, balancing of organs/glands.
I work with a person’s pure white perfect light as expressed through their heart whenever possible. Initial session(s) usually focused on the heart and its ability to let go, forgive ,and allow it to be the person’s guiding light in healing spirit, body and soul. Certification available. In English or German.
Facebook page:
For distance sessions, book according to your time zone (but contact me first):
Email: Skype: cassandragreer
Orchid CameronOrchid Cameron
Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Instructor, Nutritionist, and Health Educator. I travel to any location to teach a workshop to help you go from being an frazzled sad empath (highly sensitive person) to a Happy Empath. Qualified to teach you Reiki and how to do an Energy Assessment and Consultation for others. For more information, go to or private message me on facebook.
Megan BuerMegan Buer
Scottsville, Virginia
I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I also integrate several different modalities into my healing work, including the Body Code. I do most of my work remotely, but see clients at Revolution Health Center in Scottsville, VA. I have expertise in nutrition, essential oils, flower remedies, and herbs. I help people make plans to target their specific aliments - physical or spiritual. I am in the process of starting a program for families of autistic children. It will incorporate all aspects of healing that we have used for our own son. My website is: Facebook page is:
Warren Merrill photoWarren Merrill
I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher and a certified Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. I teach and attune students to Usui Reiki levels I, II, Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Master Level. I also teach and attune to Karuna Reiki to the Practitioner Level or to the Master Level. I generally teach small class sizes but I also teach on an individual basis. I am willing to work with individuals who struggle to take classes due to financial considerations to facilitate opportunities for them to learn. My spiritual path is to teach and I take it seriously. You can learn more about Reiki at the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) web site located at All classes taught by me adhere to the ICRT standards and content. All students completing a course will receive all knowledge, attunements, manuals and hands on training to feel competent using their skills.
Email: Facebook:
Jacquelyn MeyersJacquelyn Meyers
Riverton, Utah
State Certified Nutritional Herbologist (Herbal Medicine Healthcare Provider), Energy Healer (Chakra Pathways/Clearing/Opening/Resolving), Personalized Healing, essential oils, Healing Music (Singer/Songwriter), Phone: 801-253-1464
Sandy SteinfeltSandy Steinfelt
Eagle Mountain, UT
I am a certified FootZone therapist and Reiki I and FootZone instructor. I love implementing all the new tools I learn from others into FootZoning!
Brigid AtkinBrigit Atkin
St George, Utah
I am a certified SimplyHealed Practitioner, and do sessions both in person and remotely. I write Body/Mind articles for St George Health & Wellness Magazine to help those who aren't familiar with energy work be able to take positive steps in their lives.
Krystin WahlKrystin Wahl
Saint Johns, Arizona
I am a trained Bodytalk practitioner, integrating other modalities as the person's innate asks for--specifically emotion code, music vibration therapy, EFT, oil and homeopathic infusion, and healing code. Sessions can be done locally or long distance.
I am a vocal coach and piano coach with focus on teaching vibrational healing through placement of energy/creating healing tones, serving the White Moutain area.
Shari GrahamShari Graham
Mesa, AZ.
I facilitate Christ guided generational healing, emotional release work, guided visualizations, essential oil treatments and chakra/energy balancing. I can do local and remote sessions. My contact info is
Karen Merritt photoKaren Merritt
Star Valley, WY
Karen is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants (AANC). She specializes in Bio-Meridian Stress Technique, also known as EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to Voll). EAV has helped hundreds of people find relief from stress, nutritional imbalances ADD, allergies, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue, and many other conditions. The Meridian Stress Assessment is an excellent source of information about a person's energetic health, helping Karen better help others with their energetic needs. She is able to evaluate the assessment results and determine a program to help each body system and meridian come back to a more normal balance. Karen has 30 years experience in the use of alternative therapies ranging from her 5 years as a CNA to her training in massage, Healing Touch, Foot Zone Therapy and Body Talk, a body balancing technique, and more. You can connect with her at
Nikole Bonnell
Leduc, Alberta, Canada
I am a Reiki Practitioner. I am able to do remote and in person sessions: mornings, evenings and Saturdays. I also use therapeutic grade essential oils as well as Multi-Mineral vitamin supplements as the fundamental tools to create wholeness between the mind, body and soul. Website:
Melissa MunnMelissa Munn
I am a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner. In the course of my life I found a Chiropractor who did energy work on me and stopped the progress of MS. There I learned much about kinesiology. I have been interested in holistic medicine since my early 20's and have studied every herbal, homeopathic, Susan L. Hay's philosophy (in her book, " You can heal your life"), and every nutrition book I could get my hands on. Last year I was introduced to energy healing which has healed a very tense relationship and stirred an interest to know more. This path led me to the Emotion Code and Body Code work. I am now learning about T3 therapy, EFT tapping and several other types of energy healing. Because of this work, I am healthier than ever! I will forever be on a quest for further light and knowledge. I have worked on people in Holland and people and animals all over the United States with wonderful and miraculous results.
Jaela AustenJaela Austen
I am a Christ-centered, Level Two, Reiki Healer and Intuitive. I
currently offer distance sessions working on chakras and aura layers.
To learn more, check out the "About" section of my Facebook Page : Or send me an e-mail :

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