About the Contributors


Jessica Jackson Drollette
Jessica Drollette
~~Director, Producer, Web Designer, and Podcast Interviewer~~

Jessica is a highly sought after mentor. Her training has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health, life, spiritual, and business coaching practices, and preventive health studies. As an energy healer, she has been guided to her own Christ-centered energy healing methods which combine:

*Guided Meditation
*Natural Health Techniques
*Master and Karuna Reiki
*Sacred art/music therapy
*Divine Blueprint Work
*Cord Work
*Shamanic Journeys
*Emotional Release Techniques (EFT and NLP) and more...

She has a BS in Education, is an author/editor, certified holistic health and life coach through IIN, master in Usui, Tibetan and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki, Spring Forest QiGong, NLP, modern shamanism, muscle testing (applied kinesiology), and EFT tapping as well as being an artist and musician. Drawing on these skills, she works with clients world wide to create lasting changes that produce extensive results in body, mind, and spirit on their personal journey to wholeness. Contact her at www.journey2wholeness.net (or) develop.spiritual.gifts@gmail.com .
Linda Rasmussen
Linda Rasmussen
~~Guided Meditation Expert and Podcast Interviewer~~
Linda is a licensed clinical therapist with her master's degree in clinical social work from Brigham Young University. She has 15 years of experience as a mental health professional and offers various healing modalities. While her primary theories utilized in therapy include Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and Jungian therapy, she is also certified in Cellular Emotional Release Technique (CERT) and is an intuitive integrative clinical therapist for individuals, groups, and families. She is a life-long lover of learning, and has a passion to help those who are ready to make a change in their life for the better. She has studied the chakra system and has integrated their properties, and the way they function into her practice for healing over the past 4 years. She loves to write and was a national award winner for the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social work for clinical practice in 2002. She currently has her private practice in Wasilla, Alaska.
Andrea Graf
Andrea Graf
~~Podcast and Teleconference Interviewer~~

Born and raised in Utah, wife and mother of four young kids, Andrea has been a student of truth her entire life. Her studies have included religions, stones, intention, Kabbalah, & science. She lives a life without regrets and loves sharing just how truly amazing and abundant all of creation and Elohim are.
Lacey Smith
lacey smith
~~Teleconference Interviewer~~

Lacey considers herself a budding wise woman, a truth and light seeker and a sacred healer. As the daughter of a local "witch doctor" (fondly nicknamed), Lacey grew up using many alternative healing modalities. She developed a deep appreciation for this kind of care and knew she would eventually start sharing her knowledge and talent for healing. Lacey works as a postpartum Mother Roaster (a specialized doula) and Sacred Medicine Woman. You can contact her at www.MotherHeartServices.com.
Julia Frost
Julia Frost
~~Podcast and Teleconference Interviewer~~

Julia Frost, CH, HHP, is an herbalist, aromatherapist, instructor and consultant. First introduced to healing modalities years before, Julia's search for answers to her family's health challenges led her to enter the fields of herbalism, essential oils, and energy medicine. With these synergistic tools, she has found them to generate health, wellness, and wholeness. Julia will also make herbal tea
blends or all natural diffused oils, salves and tinctures for a variety of conditions under her label Frequency Natural Health. You can contact her through Facebook or develop.spiritual.gifts@gmail.com
Martina Muir
Martina Muir
~~Podcast Interviewer~~

Martina is a motivational speaker and energy healer--offering various healing tools, educational classes, live and online trainings, and her own healing modality that is a complementary tool to any other healing program. Stop by www.martinamuir.com to contact her for distance work, if you'd like her to come speak at an event, or for locals in the Utah area.