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 Are You Ready to Release Your Fears

Surrounding Spiritual Gifts? 

Many of you have shared countless stories of struggling with fears around your spiritual gifts. We’ve prayed about how to help the most people in the fastest way possible. We were guided to create a professional healing guided meditation and to give it away for FREE to EVERYONE. Sign up for the Mormon Spiritual Gifts Newsletter to receive our 11 minute healing guided meditation download to effectively assist you in removing these blocks so you can accelerate the development of your unique spiritual gifts! Our weekly newsletter is packed with tips, podcast updates, and secret sales for newsletter subscribers only.


This meditation will assist you in removing your personal blocks and fears so you can accelerate the development of your unique spiritual gifts. We are so excited to see what changes this brings into your lives and would love to hear your experiences while using this meditation! Created by licensed clinical therapist Linda Rasmussen, with healing drum music, vocals and production by hypnotherapist Jessica Jackson Drollette.

This clearing work was developed over many years of research and experience from Linda’s clinical practice working with clients and studying healing work. Each time you use this guided meditation, especially when done with intention, you will clear out another layer of fears and blockages, so make it a part of your weekly meditation practice and you will see amazing results!

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~~Blessings and Love~~

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