Healing Your Shadow Guided Meditation


Everyone has a shadow side–even the most enlightened souls. But did you know that you live a great deal of your life from your shadow side without being conscious of it? Would you like to not only become conscious of these shadows but also learn to work with and bring them back into health and balance?

The shadow, according to psychologist Carl Jung, is:

  • The unknown or the dark sides of ourselves
  • All those parts we’ve split off, repressed, or denied—often from trauma
  • Aspects of ourselves we are ashamed of bringing out for others to see
  • Even parts we are afraid to acknowledge to ourselves

It is described as “the shadow” because it tends to consist of the primitive, negative, or socially depreciating human emotions and impulses such as:


angers-427830_640Hatred & Anger







And more…

It is also comprised of anything else we aren’t willing to acknowledge, due to its unenlightened nature, for any reason. Though, it is often completely buried deep from the conscious mind, we still act from it on a daily basis.

Whatever we label from our past or present as dark, inferior, or unacceptable becomes part of our shadow.

Because they are usually buried deep inside–until they burst from the surface like festering wounds–these parts often show up as feelings of being:old-woman-574278_640

  • Unloved
  • Rejected
  • Abandoned
  • Ashamed
  • Helpless
  • Victimized
  • And show up as wounded fragments of our past and present experiences.


When left unconscious, the shadow side has TREMENDOUS power over us and our daily behaviors and patterns, because we are  unwilling to acknowledge their existence or strive to heal them. So, it is imperative that we learn to love and respect all aspects of ourselves—from the brightest white to the darkest shadows. As we face our shadows and bring them into the light, we bring greater balance and healing to these parts and open the door to more positive life experiences as well as released blocked traumas from the past.

This healing meditation will help you heal your deepest shadows.

~Listen to a Sample Here~

girls jumping shadowsThe script is written by licensed clinical therapist, Linda Rasmussen with induction and vocals by hypnotherapist Jessica Jackson Drollette. The background guitar music is tuned to the healing frequency scale of 432 Hz, which is shown to assist in healing and wellness. You can read more about it here.

This method of healing scripting was developed by Linda over many years of research and experience from her clinical practice working with clients and studying these topics, and was and loosely influenced by concepts found in the work of Karol Truman. This healing guided meditation comes to you as an mp3 download that you can then burn onto a CD, put on your smartphone or other listening device, and enjoy forever.

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Healing the Shadow Guided Meditation