Chakra Healing Guided Meditation Program

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This clearing work was developed by Linda over many years of research and experience from her clinical practice working with clients and studying the chakras in-depth. Below you will find a detailed description of each chakra meditation, more info on the fantastic FREE bonuses and payment plan options! These 7 chakra guided meditations come to you as mp3 downloads that you can then burn onto CD’s, put on your smartphone or other listening device, and enjoy forever.

Chakra healing guided meditation set

~~What people are saying~~

  • I was once diagnosed with bipolarand have been using the written scripts from Linda for about a year now. I don’t meet most of the criteria for bipolar any more with the help that her work has offered me and I’ve been able to hold full time employment for some time now. I’m so grateful to be able to listen to the meditations with Jessica‘s work. The music is beautiful and healing by itself.” -Kara T.
  • “The Christian Chakra Meditations are absolutely inspired. I feel like they must be the most beautiful set of meditations ever created. I listen to one daily, and it always makes me feel closer to my Father in heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. Through them, I look forward to becoming my most whole and healed self possible!” Jennifer L.
  • “The Christian Chakra Healing Meditations have blessed my life tremendously. They have helped me to deepen my relationship with God, as I have healed, layer by layer, and gained clarity in so many areas. I understand myself better, I understand and KNOW Him better.  My life has made tremendous progress in terms of spiritual, emotional and physical health. They are powerful tools to assist in attaining a more productive and fulfilled journey on this earth. The scripts are truly inspired, and so multu-layered. I have never experienced anything so thorough. The vocal is both engaging and soothing. I cannot go a day without them.” Tina Bonelli
  • “Our whole family LOVES this program. We play one at night and the kids fall asleep so fast. My husband is able to sleep easier, as well, when he sufferers with insomnia. The words and the music are just perfect. I can’t recommend this program enough.” Aimee Jensen 
  • My husband and I have done guided meditations, breathwork, and retreats previously, but this was our first experience with Christian Chakra Guided Meditations.  The healing drum music resonated with my soul, and I felt the connection to spiritual energies with my ancestors.  I felt blockages clear from my past, and I felt spiritually grounded. We listen to the Chakra Guided Meditations often, and we are so happy to have them.  Each time we listen, we feel more and more clarity and spiritual connectedness to Heavenly Father as well as individual wholeness.” Cherlynn Thomas
  • “I was new to the world of chakras when I decided to try Jessica and Linda’s chakra program. I generally have a hard time meditating and wasn’t sure how it would go. The meditations are wonderful! They are soothing to the soul. I am able to focus when needed, and actually relax to a point that I cannot without the meditations in this program. I know that each chakra meditation is perfectly tailored, as listening to them often brought out great emotion for me. After listening to the third eye chakra meditation I started having vivid nightly dreams. These are just simply wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone.” Jennifer Douglas 
  • I have listened to one Chakra Meditations each night for the past few months. I have noticed that I am able to better articulate my words to my children and husband. I am more grounded and feel more focused in what I am doing. I have a chronic illness, so that says a lot!” Sarah Black Skabelund
  • There is beauty in these chakra meditations. The script and music are amazing and well done. Each meditation is full of healing. The negative feelings are brought out and are suppose to flow out not to be held on to. Like a river, with continuous force swirling, dancing and running over and around boulders in a river. Helping the natural flow of the energy, to recognize, restore and renew the healing and moving out the old to welcome the new, is what the meditation for each chakra does. The positive affirmations are a wonderful healing tool along with the Pure Light and Love that fills the spaces once held by the negative statements. I always feel better when I use these. You learn more about yourself each time. I would recommend these to help the healing that we all need in our lives.”  M.J.

1st chakraWhile all seven chakras are important and interconnected, from an energetic standpoint it is important to balance this chakra FIRST, before balancing the others. We would otherwise lack the stability and rootedness necessary for true transformation and personal growth.

It clears out:
- Genetic and ancestral memories
- Insomnia
- Depression
- Disassociation
- The mindset of deprivation and scarcity.

It will take you out of your fight or flight response into a world that allows you to:
- Harness courage
- Resourcefulness
- The will to live, no matter your circumstances
- So much more!

This meditation brings you to a place where you are grounded energetically in your body and to the earth, empowering you to draw your life-force energy from this healthy space. This is essential in preparing you to properly balance your other chakras.
This meditation is created to heal the energy that influences the dynamics of your sexuality and the nature of your relationships. The sacral is the central chakra for creativity and manifestation.

This meditation clears out:
- Too rigid or too loose boundaries
- Toxic guilt and shame
- Challenges in being intimate
- Freedom from the energy of past relationships
- Pain associated with sexual misconduct and abuse
- Fear and denial of your shadow
- Challenges with self-nurturance
- Struggles with allowing healthy pleasure
- Codependent behaviors
- And many others!

By utilizing this meditation, you will:
- Free yourself to live in the moment
- Experience life to the fullest
- Confidently able to express yourself
- Enhanced creativity - A passion for life

It is our responsibility to take accountability for our own lives and bring to light that which is unconscious.
2nd chakra
3rd chakraThis meditation is created to heal the energy that influences your personal power and identity.

This meditation helps to clear out:
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Critical and negative thought patterns
- Obsession about food
- Sugar addictions
- Out of control feelings

It will help:
- Improve the dynamics of your relationship with yourself
- Help free you from shame
- Increasing your sense of personal value and self-worth
- Help you balance your personal desires with the higher good

You will get in touch with:
- Your inner-strength
- Emotions
- Intuition
- And Your sense of identity

It will help you regain a healthy sense of control over your emotions and thoughts, empowering you to radiate warmth and joy throughout your entire being and to be your authentic self.
This chakra is very important because it is the only chakra that can transmute the high-vibration energy that comes from the upper three chakras into a form that can be used by the physical body and on the physical plane.

And this meditation helps heal the bridge connecting the higher and lower energies of your being, since the heart chakra is the place where your spirit resides--your center of love and spirituality.

This meditation is created to clear out:
- Unhealthy group consciousness
- Feelings of disconnectedness
- Loneliness
- Woundedness
- Sadness
- Anger
- Fear of vulnerability
- Grief and sorrow
- And feelings of need for inappropriate control.

This meditation will help you to find balance in your relationships:
- Free you to feel unconditional affection
- Spiritual growth
- Compassion
- Devotion
- Joy and love in your life.

It will assist you in:
- Balancing your inner self with your environment
- Empowering you to become a channel of universal compassion, and love
- Stepping fully into your authentic self.

It will help permit love to flow through you, allowing you to heal yourself and others.
4th chakra
5th chakraThis meditation is created to heal the energy vital to internal and external communication, bringing the translator of internal feelings into external words and expression.

This meditation will help heal energies of: - Aggression
- Criticism
- Silence
- Gossip
- Lies
- And a rebellious attitude

It will help bring clarity between what is right and wrong for you; bringing you to a place where your inner voice of truth is expressed with power and diplomacy. It will help you to have speech and creative expression in the world. It assists with helping you discover that your choices, no matter how small, have consequences.

You will gain the ability to hear others' authentic truth, allowing the creation of pure relationships and inter-connectivity with others. Such healing will spark the divine creativity that lives within you.
This chakra coordinates the amazing network of hormones through the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands, making it essential in your overall well-being. This meditation is created to heal the energy that influences your seeing, intuiting, imaging, and accurate interpretation.

It will help clear out:
- Fears
- Doubts
- Blocks of inner-knowing
- Barriers preventing you from remembering your dreams
- From identifying symbols and messages
- And from seeing clearly.

This meditation will assist you in receiving messages from you spirit guides, angels and other enlightened beings. Your illusions will be cleared and dreams integrated. You will receive clarity, allowing your memory to increase and to learn without a problem.

It will assist you in understanding that you are truly the creator in your world and help make your dreams a reality. It will help open your internal wisdom so you can see at a deeper, more perceptive level. Your consciousness will be extended; empowering you to see the big picture, transcend your egocentricity, and find the deeper meaning inherent in all things.
6th chakra
7th chakraThe seventh chakra is both a receiver and giver of energy and consciousness. It receives energy to sustain life and it gives back to the collective consciousness. It is said that complete awakening of this chakra is the last step in the evolution of human consciousness.

This meditation is created to heal all blocks related to your spiritual progress and connection to God.

It will help you:
- Let go of the past and live in the present
- Empower you to commit to be honest about all of your imperfections
- Be steadfast in your efforts to do better.

It will enable you to release all unhealthy attachments to the ego and earth, allowing you to live a life of greater clarity and purpose.

It will empower you to connect to your spiritual source and understand your spiritual purpose. These optimal states of spirituality will empower you to have clear communication and a oneness with God. Unconditional love will radiate from your very essence. Once you sustain this place of complete clarity and connection, it is unimaginably peaceful.

~Listen to Samples of Each Track~

Chakra 1:

Chakra 2:

Chakra 3:

Chakra 4:

Chakra 5:

Chakra 6:

Chakra 7:


1) A Full Solfeggio Healing Meditation Music CD Download

Solfeggio Healing Meditation MusicJessica knows the value of having guided meditations mingled with music only tracks. She felt guided to create this CD for you which is a combination of all 7 healing drum tracks mixed beautifully with nature sounds. The frequencies in this CD can clear the stuck energy in rooms with lots of electronics that create damaging EMF energy. And when played with headphones will directly affect the neural pathways of the brain to help release energetic blocks, as well as build healthy new neural-pathways.

Listen to a sample here (headphones will give you the full effect of the healing frequencies):

2) Detailed Chakra Healing Ebook

chakra healing meditations ebookAs Linda was creating these scripts over the years, she realized that healing the chakras is a multifaceted process that includes healing the body, mind, and spirit. To help support that process, she has written the ebook “Healing the Chakras”. You will receive a copy of this ebook FREE with your purchase of the program. It is in PDF form, so you can also print it out if you prefer to have a physical copy.

Sample a Page Here — Healing the Solar Plexus


3) Private Group Coaching Support

This private Facebook group coaching community will be open to support your healing journey. Our community is a safe place where you can come to ask your questions, receive feedback from others, and share your stories. It has been proven that learning in communities, and teaching one another what you have learned, is the best way to retain the information you are learning.

How much is this going to cost?

To do healing sessions on each of your chakras one-on-one would cost you hundreds alone. Adding the bonuses to this package and you would easily pay $999 or more for this package. BUT part of our mission at DYSG is to make all of the programs that we offer affordable for EVERYONE who wants them, so we are offering it at a small fraction of that price, including a 3 month payment plan.

We know you will see how valuable they are, and just ask that you spread the word to let others know so they can have a copy too–helping to raise the consciousness and vibration of all people. Your word of mouth is the best reward we could ask for.

We promise you’ll love every minute of it.

FULL Chakra Healing Guided Meditation Program
Chakra Healing Guided Meditations Program, written by licensed therapist Linda Rasmussen--with healing drum music, vocals, and production by hypnotherapist Jessica Jackson Drollette. Each meditation is 20-30 minutes long. Each time you use these guided meditations, especially when done with intention, you will clear out another layer of that chakra. So this set of meditations will be invaluable through your ENTIRE lifetime. You will receive an email containing links to download all 7 chakra meditations. This package also includes 3 fantastic bonuses: Healing the Chakras Ebook, a private group coaching community, and a full length download of the healing drum music, with nature sounds, for your personal meditation practice!
Price: $230.00
Price: $149.00


Chakra Healing Guided Meditation Program--3 Payment Plan
You will receive 1 chakra meditation per week to your inbox for 7 weeks. This package also includes 3 fantastic bonuses: valuable information from the Bonus Chakra Ebook (corresponding with the chakra arriving to you that week), a private group coaching community, and a full length download of the solfeggio healing drum music for your personal meditation practice! (Note: payments will be automatically processed every 21 days for 3 installments to complete payment schedule.)
Price: $40 x 4 payments