Advanced Grounding and Shielding Meditation

Advanced Grounding to Heaven and Earth Meditation
Advanced Grounding to Heaven and Earth Meditation
Grounding and shielding are the most fundamental yet often overlooked tools for anyone actively developing their spiritual gifts. In this 16 minute meditation written by Jessica Jackson Drollette, you will learn to connect with in-depth layers of the earth, check and heal your connection to the Savior, enhance several connections to the higher realms--including your divine mission, your higher self, and God. It concludes with setting strong, detailed shields in to place that you can update as needed. This meditation is recommended at least once per day. As you practice these connections consistently, your systems will more easily access them, and the process will become more efficient, until one day, it may even become a permanent spiritual gift.
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Advanced Grounding and Shielding to Heaven and Earth Meditation Sample: