Enhancing the Gift of Dreams Meditation

Are you ready to let your dreams help you heal past emotions and experiences?  

To let your dreams to guide you in receiving personal revelations?

It’s time to let go of the emotional patterns that are trapped inside you.

What People Are Saying:

  • “The Dreams and Visions meditation is so much more than I expected, in fact I am completely in awe of the depth of this meditation. It is multi-faceted, and goes so far beyond what the title indicates. I feel very strongly that this meditation is a must for anyone who wants to not only enhance their abilities, but anyone who wants to enhance the pursuit of their life’s mission, improve their overall quality of life at every level, and most definitely to improve their relationship with God and with scripture. This is a powerfully effective meditation, and I can’t recommend it strongly enough!” -Tina Von Trotha Bonelli
  • “When I first got this meditation, my four-year-old had one of her reoccurring nightmares. I decided to play the mediation while we both laid on my bed. She fell asleep half way through, but she has not had a nightmare since. I typically do not remember my dreams, but when I do they are very vivid and I can see the meaning in them as well. Keeping pen and paper near my bed has helped. My husband even remembers his dreams and has prayed to have messages delivered by dream. He’s had some remarkable dreams doing that.” -Sarah S.
  • “I have listened to every one of Linda’s guided meditations for years through her clinical practice to enhance what we are doing in therapy sessions, and this is one of her best yet. I will not go a night without listening to it. I have stopped having night mares, and repeated dreams are much fewer. I used to suffer from night terrors. I also feel that this meditation has helped me heal my past trauma. My wife has also greatly benefited from this meditation even though she’s never had night mares. She feels her dreams have much more meaning and she remembers them so much clearer.” – Tom

This healing meditation is incorporated as a tool to:

-Remove blocks and process your dreams

-Further develop your inner sight

-Shatter false illusions

-Strengthen your gift of discernment

-Integrate more fully with your dreams and visions

-Enhance your clarity of spiritual sight, sound, and feeling

This 36 minute healing guided meditation will take you these levels and more–to open the connection more fully with your subconscious mind and extend your consciousness yet another step beyond where you’ve gone before. It’s time to embrace your dreams and take your gifts to the next level!

~Listen to a Sample Here~

Enhancing the Gift of Dreams