Divine Marriage Meditation

Divine Marriage Guided Meditation

LDS clinical therapist, Linda Rasmussen, has created our longest meditation (and most amazing!) yet at 50 minutes long. AND it’s recorded by Linda as well! This meditation is great from newlyweds to couples married 50+ years. It is also a wonderful tool for those healing from past relationships as well as currently seeking a divine partner.

This Healing Meditation Tool Can Help:


Shatter false illusions in regards to divine relationships
Remove blocks holding back your marriage from being the best it can be
-Strengthen your ability to forgive (for past relationships and current issues)



Remove blocks to healing and exploring healthy intimacy

-Help to facilitate respectful behavior patterns

Getting to know yourself on a deeper level



-Being responsible for your own actions, no matter the actions of your partner

Clearing blocks to clear and effective communication

Further development of your inner sight



Strengthening your gift of discernment

Gain healthier ways of interacting and habitating  

-Receiving a deeper spiritual connection with each other



But most Important: Learning to fall in LOVE 

with yourself & your divine partner on

ever deepening levels…


couple-1030744_1280Even if your partner does not listen to this guided meditation, if you will listen and make these shifts yourself, in combination with prayer for the Savior’s healing grace in your marriage, and other healthy marital activities, this healing meditation can act as a tool to help hold space for you heal yourself and make room for divine partnership to manifest in your life.

NOTE: The Divine Marriage Healing Meditation will also be part of our newest package: “Divine Meditations” including:

  • Divine Feminine
  • Divine Masculine
  • Divine Child
  • Divine Parenting
  • Divine Marriage

This package is coming out in early summer 2016. So if you can’t get it now, you’ll have another chance then!

(Plus, there will be a separate package–minus the marriage meditation–for those who’ve already purchased the marriage meditation separately.)

“I have listened to the marriage meditation twice a week for a couple months. I would describe my marriage as idealistic. We get along, go on dates, and love each other. We have had our share of disagreements over our 20 years together but have stuck things out and become better because of hard times. These meditations have helped us to grow even closer together as a couple. We have said on more than one occasion that it is amazing how our relationship is stronger now than it ever has been.  Our oldest is 14 and we plan to have him start listening to this as well so he will be better prepared for marriage when that time comes. It truly is an inspired work and is good for anyone – married, divorced, single or widowed to listen too.” -Sara S.

~Listen to a Sample Here~

~About the Authors~

coast-631925_1280The script is written by licensed clinical therapist, Linda Rasmussen with music by Jessica Jackson Drollette. The background guitar music is tuned to the healing frequency scale of 432 Hz, which is shown to assist in healing and wellness. You can read more about it here.

This method of healing scripting was developed by Linda over many years of research and experience from her clinical practice working with clients and studying these topics, and was and loosely influenced by concepts found in the work of Karol Truman. This healing guided meditation comes to you as an mp3 download that you can then burn onto a CD, put on your smartphone or other listening device, and enjoy forever.

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Divine Marriage Guided Meditation